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Thank you for your interest in Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc.!

Here at Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc., we are committed to serving the Mental Health community and the needs of you and your family using methods to suit the needs of our clients, we offer practical tools for leading a stable and peaceful life.

Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc. was established in 2011 by Moses and LaSonya Green. Together they have 30 years' experience in dealing with clients ranging from ages 18 years of age to seniors. Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc. specializes in housing male and female residents that suffer with mental illness, at Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc. you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.

Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc. has modern style homes that are inspected and approved by the state and fire marshal. Residents will be supervised 24/7 to ensure their safety and tend to their every need from assisting with administering with their medication and conducting psyche rehab sessions (group and individual reflections) to help with the residents adult daily living and coping skills. Also each resident has access to attending day programs. For residents that can't attend day programs, We offer activities on and off site. Transportation to appointments are provided to all residents. Each home is carefully monitored by security cameras to secure the safety of all residents. - We strive to assist at every point in the residents stay, and encourage personal growth.

We at Green Care Homes of Tennessee, Inc. pride ourselves at giving each resident the best level of care. We are licensed in the following services.

CHOICES Semi-Independent Living Facility - A facility program which services adult service recipients who are able to reside in a housing situation without program staff residing on site to supervise the service recipients' home life style but require the support services of program staff in order to reside in such housing situations. The facility program offers and provides regular and as needed support services in procuring or monitoring adequate housing for service recipients, supervising home life styles, and assisting in development of higher-order independent living skills. The entity licensed is the program delivering the services.

Community Living Supported Living and Services Facility - A service entity which provides support and assistance to individuals with who live in their own homes or apartments but require such staff support and assistance to reside in such housing situations. Service entity staff provide support and assistance on a regular basis in accordance with the needs of the individual(s) living in the home. No more than four (3) persons receiving services shall reside in the home. The service entity delivering the support is licensed rather than the homes of the individuals receiving the support.

Mental Health Supportive Living Facility - Supportive living represents a movement within the mental health field to provide support services in regular housing to adults with disabilities. Direct support services can be provided by paid staff, a trained person hired as an attendant, a support worker or personal assistant, as well as more traditional agency and (modified) shift(live-in) staffing. Professionals, families, and other "informal supports" can also assist people to live in the homes. Supported living may be joined to a movement toward decent, affordable and accessible housing.

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